Marc Posso

17 March 2019

Marc Posso

Gabonese photographer, Marc Posso, speaks with WE THE OUTLIERS on his artistic celebration of African identity and diversity.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Libreville, Gabon, and I now live in Paris, France.

How did you get into photography?

I got my first camera in 2012 for Christmas. At the beginning, it was just for fun. I took some photographs during family celebrations. Then, by growing up, opening my mind, and seeing different people from different African cultures, I developed an interest in portrait photography.


How would you describe the content of your work?

My work is focused on Afro-descendant people and African cultures. My creative inspiration comes from Africa first, my imagination, and from all things existing. I would also say that people or music inspire me.

Can you tell me how the theme of identity is explored in your work?

I think that identity is based on the way we value our culture and customs. My work aims to inspire and celebrate the beauty and diversity of cultures and people from Africa. That is why I use elements with African origins (people, clothes, accessories, traditions) in my projects.

How does your personal history work its way into your art?

I grew up in Gabon, with African realities, cultures, and traditions. Now, I know that all I want to do is to celebrate my continent. I consider it as an inexhaustible source of inspiration thanks to the beauty and the diversity of its stories, songs, people, and all its cultures and landscapes.

What challenges have you faced as an artist?

Everyday, I hear the call of Africa. I would like to go back, but the realities are that I am actually in Paris for my studies. I am lucky to have met and constantly meet people who share the same artistic vision as mine. But I will go back soon because I feel I need to be there to fully explore my potential and my vision.

Model: Benjamin Biayenda
Make Up: Sabine Duchêne


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What projects have you got coming up?

Currently, I’m working on a project based on African fashion photography inspired by famous African photographers and old photographs of my parents.

Thank you, Marc.

You can see more from Marc Posso on his website, Instagram, and Ello

The original interview was conducted in English and has been edited for brevity and clarity